George Romney would be disappointed in son Mitt Romney

Who put the guest list of speakers together for the GOP Convention? I would hope for his sake that Mitt Romney had no say in the matter.

This convention looks more like a Tea Party Convention than a Republican Convention. Mitt must be so desperate to be President he just lets the far right control him like a robot.

Look at who is on the list to talk at the Convention in Tampa. We have Rick Scott the Tea Party Governor of Florida and by many polls the worst governor of Florida. Then we have Ohio Governor John Kasich, another far right leader who the people don’t seem to favor too well in Ohio. The list of speakers looks like it was given to Romney by the Koch Brothers. There’s South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, another Tea Party favorite. Also on the list to appear is Condoleezza Rice, Mike Huckabee and John McCain. The only person on the list that I would respect as a real Republican is John McCain.

Mitt Romney, who I used to think was a fair Republican at one time, has somewhere lost his way and is now following the extreme right wingers like a little lost sheep. I think Romney wants to be President so bad because his dad didn’t make it. Mitt’s dad was a much better man than Mitt Romney. George Romney had morals and convictions which his son Mitt seems to have lost

somewhere along the way running to the White House.

Mitt, you can’t buy the voters’ love or your dad’s. Don’t you want your daddy looking down from above to be proud of you? Start running this race to the White House as the person you are, not what you think the far right wants you to be.

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